Welcome to Fairhope Tennis Association

The Fairhope Tennis Association (FTA) is a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion and development of tennis for recreation and physical fitness and is pledged to maintain the USTA rules of tennis and code of play.

General Information

The Fairhope Tennis Association (FTA) is run by a volunteer Executive Committee and Board of Directors and is focused on tennis games and recreation within the following framework

  • Promotion and development of area tennis.
  • Fairhope Open Tennis Tournaments
  • Fairhope Adult Tennis Games:  Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 8-10 am year around.  Please join us.  All are welcome !!!
  • League play and FTA competitions
  • Further development of tennis facilities in Fairhope
  • Maintenance of web site, www.FairhopeTennisAssociation.com  for information and status of all FTA activities, member communication, tournament registration and related events.

All games and matches are held at the Fairhope Municipal Tennis Courts at Morphy and Young Streets in Fairhope, Alabama.

Membership is $15 per year. All interested tennis players welcome.
To join FTA, send $15 per applicant to:
Penny Slawkowski, FTA Treasurer
221 Lake Ridge Drive, Fairhope, AL 36532.

Please add phone number and e-mail address for contact information.

FTA meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 10:15am
(directly after the Tuesday tennis games) in the Fairhope Tennis Center Clubhouse.
FTA membership pays for the tennis balls used in the Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday games from 8-10am at the Tennis Center.  Please come, play and join the fun.

Tennis Court Schedule at the Fairhope Tennis Center:

FTA uses Facebook and www.TeamCowboy.com for communication with members. Players are encouraged to sign in, like and register with Facebook and Team Cowboy for routine announcements and related info concerning FTA activities. http://fairhopetennis.teamcowboy.com ,  Facebook/Fairhope Tennis Asso

FTA was founded January 1, 2011

The 2016 Membership Drive is underway and 57 of our members have renewed. If you have not renewed yet, please bring the $15 dues to our games, the next meeting or mail it to the FTA Treasurer. Use the app below to help keep the records straight. If you can throw in a few extra dollars for purchase of tennis balls, etc; we will appreciate that very much.


2016 Dues ~ $15 per individual

Name: _______________________________________________________

 E-mail: ________________________________________

Phone: _____________________

Donations or Comments invited:


Send to: Penny Slawkowski, FTA Treasurer
221 Lake Ridge Drive ~ Fairhope, AL 36532


FTA Officers  ~  2016

President            Collin Rust
Vice President    Mary Gammer
Secretary            Open
Treasurer            Penny Slawkowski
Tech Director     James Bond
Social Director    Maybo Wong

Past Presidents 

2011       John Henderson
2012       Bill Carroll
2013       Bill Carroll
2014       Dave Mauritson
2015       Dave Mauritson
2016       Collin Rust


9 thoughts on “Welcome to Fairhope Tennis Association

  1. The preferred dues payment method is for the FTA treasurer to get the application form and check in the mail or at one of the monthly meetings. However you can give him the money and form with your name and e-mail during the games on Tue, Thur or Saturday. John H

  2. I will be in fair hope next Friday thru Tuesday and was wondering if I could play tennis on Saturday. I play 3.5/4.0 and I’m a woman. Would that be possible?

  3. FTA Members, Fairhope City Officials, et al:

    I am very happy to hear that the city administrators are planning to add six additional tennis courts at the tennis center and that the courts will be similar to the current six hard courts. I encourage all FTA members and tennis enthusiasts to embrace the city’s plans and to express their agreement and appreciation to Fairhope city officials. Here are my comments formerly given to various city and FTA individuals:

    1. Clay courts are not viable investment alternatives because of significant initial construction and ongoing maintenance, management and paid attendant costs. Six clay courts would be a minimum number and only two would be a wasted effort with no return for the city – and there would be constant conflicts among players demanding to play on the softer surface. Due to the age of many of our members we would prefer a clay or composition court since it is easier on aging joints. A soft court would also be more appealing both to tourists and retirees looking for a place to relocate. But I think other venues (Lakewood, Point Clear, Rock Creek, etc.) may eventually service that need. I do not see how the city can secure a return on clay court investments.

    2. Six additional hard courts is a winning proposal – All the same surfaces would promote tournament play and eliminate problems/conflicts with players seeking any softer/preferred surfaces at the same tennis center. Possibly all 12 courts (or at least four courts) could be coated with the same amount of sand/paint mixture that marginally cushions the hard court surface. I understand that eight courts are the magic minimum number for most tournaments.

    3. The compromise of six courts made with layers of acrylic, rubber, silica, and other materials on top of an asphalt or concrete base – such as Plexicushion and DecoTurf (which are used at the US and Australian Open tournaments)—would be a good choice, but… 6 of this and 6 of that is confusing and will cause conflicts, loss of tournament opportunities, etc.

    In essence, I believe the best path is to embrace the city’s idea and go with six additional hard courts. I know most everyone would like softer courts (and rainbow stew) but I think the city is better off with 12 of the same hard courts. As mentioned in #2 above, if we can demonstrate the need, four of the hard courts could later be covered with the special coatings.
    John Henderson

  4. Hello Members of FTA,

    I am taking a chance that someone here can possibly help me here. I am a teacher at Foley High School but also serve as the regional coordinator for EF High School Exchange Year, a nonprofit that pairs foreign exchange students with American host families. I have several exchange students that are avid tennis players that I am trying to place in our area for next school year. While I know that FTA is oriented for adult membership, I always seek out host families with similar interest as my exchange students. Besides teaching and serving as a coordinator, I’ve hosted 7 boys myself and will be hosting two more myself next school year. Hosting is very rewarding and the obligations of hosting are very simple. If anyone would be interested, please feel free to contact me at phillip.reed@efexchangeyear.org

    Any leads would be very helpful!

    • Phillip,

      I happened to be looking at the FTA web site and saw your comment. If you live in Foley the closest program or access to courts for high schoolers might be in Gulf Shores at the George C. Meyer Tennis Center. I believe the number is 968-1431. Jean Coberly might be able to help you. Good luck!

  5. Hello, I’ve just moved to Fairhope, and I’m looking to join a league. However, I’m not available to play Tuesday or Thursday mornings. Are there leagues/groups that meet on Mondays/Wednesdays? or is there any way to contact members to set up alternate playing times? I play 3.5/4.0 men’s singles. If this won’t work for FTA, I’d appreciate any suggestions for other leagues I could join. Thanks!

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